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What does WEALTH mean to you?

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I am a One Woman Show

However, I am NEVER alone. For years, I boldly said, God is my CEO and the Holy Spirit is my internal counsel. My company name is SynergyPays. 
I am here to demonstrate that It does pay to create a Synergy with God.
With that said...
 Welcome to my site that showcases the synergy of partners who assist me in providing the services shown below.
Together, we help YOU develop the WEALTH you seek to achieve.  
To be "wealthy", you must first decide to be "Well" in all areas of your life...by developing "Healthy" habits, relationships, and financial decisions. To be Well + Healthy = WEALTHY!

Wealth Consultations

SynergyPays, est.2010 is my consulting service comprised of Well Being developments with professional options for the Mind, Body and Soul. This allows YOU to choose your own personal inspired journey. The secret is working within your passion, let's talk. 

Certified Partner

 Marketing becomes easy when you have a team!
Your marketing needs is our focus to deliver your Vision.
You can begin the process of mapping out your marketing goals by filling out the form on this site.

FlowCode Coach

FlowCode/Nirvana®  FlowCode is a system of simplified principles and techniques that help us hack and sustain the state of Flow.  Nirvana® is a holistic body & mind concept incorporating a vast amount of science into an extremely efficient workout. A simple, yet fun way to reach a sense of profound relaxation of the mind. 
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Be Healthy, 4Life 

To Be Well, we should focus on healthy choices. A state of "well being combined with Health  = Wealth.  
Increase your sense of well being by empowering your overall health and wellness.  Learn how to Re-Educate your Immune System.  

Follow me here to learn more. 

Bi-lingual Services

Professional and Personal translations.
Sp/Eng Interpretation or document Translations.
ESL Adult tutor.
Recovery resources and advocacy in Spanish.

Rates based per assignment.

Oprima Aquí

Recovery Peer Advocate

The image above depicts how I used to believe my recovery needed to look like... "Alone, Isolated, and always walking towards that light at the end of the tunnel!"
 I have news for you, it's better when we do it together!

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An Invite to share

Growing up, in codependency, I was not given a chance to speak my mind. I was taught how to mask pain with smiles and I found it easier to write than communicate my feelings.  It was my way of having the last word...in writing!

Today, podcasts makes it easy to say what needs to be said with purpose.  I invite anyone who has overcome a hardship in life and is in the process of discovering a new beginning to join me on our future Podcast. 


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