Give yourself the permission to re-educate your Immune System for a powerful recovery. 

Re-Educate your immune system 

Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee launched 4Life with 4Life Transfer Factor®, a product line that provides powerful support for the immune system. 4Life Transfer Factor products are exclusive, patented, and proprietary. In addition, 4Life offers a wide variety of products for personal care, weight management, and general health and wellness that are backed by science,    in- house studies, and university studies. 

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Re-Define your physical health

There are many awesome products in the market for weight loss and even weight gain. but there is only one that continues to fortify and re-educate your immune system as it begins to redefine your physical performance and appearance.
4Life Transformational Products are my personal preference based on how it has defined my own physique.  We can only share what we know right?? Click on the button below to discover how they might transform your overall physical condition.

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What's Your Targeted Goal?

With Targeted Transfer Factor, you get focused support for individual body systems. Targeted products also includes our exclusive 4Life Transfer Factor® to help your immune system recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. There are Targeted Transfer Factor products to maintain heart health, boost metabolism, support healthy brain function, and more!* Targeted Transfer Factor products combine the immune system benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor with researched system-specific nutrients to provide a focused and personal level of health support.*
I have been using 4Life products for several years now.
My Senior business partner is a very wise man. A nuerosurgeon as a chosen career path, now only educating people on this product. He graced me the time to heal and recover from my personal life experience with the products before attempting to "market or sell" the products myself.
Why? Because, now I can say, I AM NOW THE PRODUCTS!
He knew that my testimonials of this company and their products would be how I look, feel and live.
These products (seen) in the basket above, is a capture of one of my own collections.

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Skincare and Rejuvination

Truth be told, I have never been that female with lots of beauty products in my bathroom!  But when I was gifted this entire skincare kit by my Senior 4Life business partner, it has given me the confidence to demonstrate my "REDEFINED SELF" in front of video and soon, bilingually...
So what is this AMAZING skincare secret?
Ancient Korean water approach to skincare äKwä is a ritual skincare system rooted in the ancient Korean water approach. Ordinary water in each formula is replaced with Korean fermented green tea water and combined with other specialty waters, traditionally fermented extracts, and best-in-class, plant-derived ingredients into formulas that invite your skin to glow. Our green tea is cultivated in the Boseong region, home to Korea’s largest tea fields, due to its perfect soil and climatic conditions. Tea fermentation has a long and rich history in this region, created through a two-phase process using traditional natural and lactic acid fermentation techniques to yield more potent ingredient levels.

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Breathe In Health!

I personally use the oils for my clients in Recovery and in Conscious Breathing sessions.
4Life Essential Oils comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) standards—the industry’s two top organizations for determining essential oil quality. We went one step further and developed a proprietary scoring system for our essential oils called the 4Life-PIQ. PIQ stands for “Plant IQ.” Plants have an “IQ” which can help them survive and thrive. This is what we are measuring with the 4Life-PIQ scoring system. The 4Life-PIQ is determined by a combination of isotope, chirality, DNA, and ISO/AFNOR standards-based component testing. The overall score includes at least six factors, all centered on the authenticity, purity, and potency of the oil. All 4Life Essential Oils have a 4Life- PIQ score higher than 90, which is considered ideal. We carefully screen each oil for the presence of precise components at their peak levels so they can provide you with the ideal experience.

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I get it, you might still have questions. I know I did!  


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